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Sleep Pack

Sleep Pack

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Put up a bed time performance that will leave your Oura ring satisfied

Getting a good night's sleep is crucial for fully enjoying your Burning Man experience. Our Sleep Comfort Bundle includes everything you need for a cozy, restful slumber in Black Rock City:

Product Description Why you need it
Coleman Flatlands 40°F Sleeping Bag Rated for temperatures as low as 40°F Perfect for chilly desert nights.*
Yuzonc Inflatable Air Mattress Features a built-in pump for easy inflation and side snaps to connect to your partner's mattress. The sleeping bag and air mattress provide a warm, cushioned surface to rest your body after long days of exploring the playa.
Sertapedic Copperloft Pillow Antimicrobial and hypoallergenic Provides a clean, comfortable sleep in the dusty desert environment.
Mavogel Cotton Eye Mask - Block out the bright desert sun or the glow of all-night art installations for uninterrupted sleep.
Flents Foam Ear Plugs 10 Pair with Case Mute the sound of thumping art cars and early-morning generator noise.

If you'll be using this for more than sleeping, check out our Pleasure Pack from our home page.

*Black Rock Desert can get down to 40°F. Those who are particularly sensitive to cold may wish to bring a blanket.

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