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Pleasure Pack

Pleasure Pack

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Safety third. Fire away with this Pleasure Pack and avoid unwanted burning after labor day

Burning Man is a space for radical self-expression, inclusivity, and consensual connections. Our Pleasure Pack helps you stay safe, comfortable, and prepared as you explore these aspects of the Burning Man experience.

Product Description Why you need it
SKYN Elite Extra Lube Condoms Ultra-Thin, Latex-Free, 12 pack Designed for comfort and sensitivity, these condoms are perfect for the dry desert environment.

Sliquid Organics Sassy Booty Gel (4.2 fl oz) Hypoallergenic, glycerin-free, and vegan lubricant that provides long-lasting comfort. Safe for use with latex, plastic, and silicone. A must-have for intimate moments on the playa.

Vagisil Odor Block Daily Freshening Wipes 20 pack pH-balanced, gentle wipes to help you feel fresh and confident on the playa.

Remember, consent is essential in all interactions at Burning Man. Communicate openly with your partners, respect boundaries, and always prioritize safety. Be prepared, but also be present in the moment.

Recommended quantities

# Burner type Instructions for use
1 Fluffer As orgy NPC, you can leave the condoms at home. Apply lube to main characters as directed
2 Boomer Hippie Shirtcocker Primarily for gifting by the Orgy Dome
3 Sparkle Pony Express
Gallop into the playa's sensual playground to pop your playa cherry
4 Tech Disrupt-her Leave your partner at Playa Alchemist and practice unethical non-monogamy like your favourite health podcaster
5+ Diplo Orchestrate some playa-pounding. Just make sure your Diplo-matic immunity covers enthusiastic consent and MOOP-free merrymaking


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