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Adventure Pack

Adventure Pack

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Never Embark on Your Playa Adventure Without These Items

Burning Man is an adventure like no other, and our Adventure Pack equips you with the tools you need to navigate the playa with ease and style.

Product Description Why you need it
N Nevo Rhino Hydration Backpack 2L water bladder, lightweight, breathable back pad Perfect for long walks, biking, and exploring the vast expanse of Black Rock City. Stay hydrated and energized with the hydration backpack, which keeps 2L of water easily accessible on your back.
Rechargeable Headlamps 2 pack, 1200 Lumen ultra-bright LED, waterproof, with adjustable headstrap Illuminates your path and keeps your hands free for nighttime adventures and art installations. The rechargeable headlamps ensure you'll never be left in the dark, with 4-10 hours of ultra-bright illumination.
Nanaborn Collapsible Cups 2 pack, 270mL, silicone, washable, reusable, with lids, in blue and gray Perfect for staying hydrated on the go and reducing waste. Use them for drinking water, electrolyte beverages, or your favorite adult libation. The lids help prevent spills and keep the dust out, and the silicone material is easy to clean and reuse.
Ruled Notebook 5.3" x 8.26", black, banded, with pen holder and inner pocket Jot down playa memories, inspirations, and contact info for your new friends. The pen holder ensures you're always ready to write, while the inner pocket provides a spot for treasured playa gifts or mementos.
Craebuer Locking Carabiners 4 pack, 3 inch, aluminum D-ring shape Secure your gear, clip your cup to your backpack, or attach your bike to an art car. The locking carabiners are the ultimate versatile playa tool.

Remember, preparation is key to a successful Burn. With this Adventure Pack, you'll be ready to embrace the magic and serendipity of the playa, while staying safe, hydrated, and radically self-reliant.

Don't forget goggles and a bandana (or dust mask if you have asthma) to protect your eyes and face from dust. Not included in the pack as these are highly personal - get CREATIVE! 

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