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Bicycle Pack

Bicycle Pack

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Illuminate Your Bike and Keep It Secure at Burning Man

Biking is the perfect way to get around Black Rock City and experience the magic of Burning Man. Our essential bike bundle helps keep you safe and your bike secure, so you can focus on the experience.

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DANCRA LED Bike Light Strip Kit 19 lighting modes, waterproof, shockproof, powered by 4 AA batteries* Be visible at night and express your creativity with colorful, eye-catching light strips.

DkOvn 4 ft Combination Bike Lock 5 digit Lock up your bike when exploring art installations or camps. The 5-digit combination is easy to set and spares you from worrying about keys.

Tennis Ball 3 pack Protect your kickstand from sinking into the playa dust by slicing an X into a tennis ball and slipping it on the end.

Remember, you are responsible for keeping your bike safe and well-lit at Burning Man. Never leave your bike unattended without a lock, and always use lights at night for your safety and the safety of those around you. Embrace the 'Leave No Trace' principle by taking your bike and any MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) with you when you depart.

*Batteries not included, but we have you covered: batteries are included in our Utility Pack, which you can access from our home page.

Happy Biking and Stay Safe!

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Customer Reviews

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Great value!

My LED's were some of the best on the playa. Lights made my bike pop, keyless lock was great, the tennis ball hack is a must for any burner!

Lit AF 🌈 Secure & stable 💪 Simple hack 🎾

This bundle is 💯 Worth every penny! Thx 🙌

Must-Have Bike Bundle for Burning Man!

I bought this bike bundle for my first Burning Man experience.

The LED light strips were a game-changer. The 19 different lighting modes let me change up the vibe to match my mood or the art cars around me.

The bike lock was sturdy and easy to use and since it is a combination, you don't need a key which I would be likely to lose while tripping in the dark. The 4-foot length was perfect.

The tennis ball was a simple but genius addition. It prevented my kickstand from sinking into the soft playa dust and falling over, which was a problem I saw others struggling with. You get three tennis balls so can use the 2 spares for friends or to top any protruding rebar / stakes at camp.

One tip: make sure to bring spare batteries for the light strips. They lasted a good while, but you don't want to run out of juice in the middle of a night ride.

Overall, this bundle was a lifesaver at Burning Man. You have to light up your bike at Burning Man, people get very upset if you don't. This kept me lit up and stylish on the playa. I highly recommend it to any burner.

Huge thanks to The Playa Store for curating such a thoughtful and practical kit!