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Kitchen Pack

Kitchen Pack

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Dine in Style and Sustainability on the Playa with Our Camping Dinnerware Set

Fuel your Burning Man adventures with our durable, eco-friendly dining essentials.

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UCO 4-Piece Camping Kit Includes a bowl, plate, and a 3-in-1 spoon-fork-knife utensil with a tether to keep everything together. Lightweight and easy to clean, this dinnerware set is perfect for camp meals and on-the-go playa dining. The multi-use utensil eliminates the need for multiple pieces, while the tether ensures you won't lose anything in the chaos of Burning Man.
GSI Outdoors Infinity Mug (14 oz) Insulated for both hot and cold drinks, made from BPA-free, non-leaching polypropylene. 100% recyclable. The mug's insulation keeps your coffee hot and your electrolyte drinks cold, helping you stay hydrated and energized in the Black Rock Desert heat.

When it's time to pack up and leave no trace, simply wash your dinnerware, secure it with the tether, and store it compactly in your camp kitchen or backpack.

Choose durable, reusable dinnerware over single-use plastics to minimize your environmental impact at Burning Man and beyond. By investing in quality, eco-friendly gear, you're doing your part to protect the playa and the planet.

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